BBC Tomorrow’s Food: Reducing Sugar in Chocolate by Using Mushrooms

It may be hard to believe, but mushrooms can dramatically reduce the amount of sugar needed in chocolate. Denver based food technology company, MycoTechnology is able to reduce sugar requirements in chocolate by over 50% using their organic process.

Recently, they debuted their technology on BBC Tomorrow’s Food, which Alan Hahn CEO of MycoTechnology explained that the secret is in the root system of mushrooms:

“In nature mushrooms act as the clean up crew for the forest, breaking down toxins and providing nutrients for other plants to grow. By harnessing the root system of mushrooms, they consume the bitter compounds found in chocolate, ultimately reducing the need for masking agents such as sugar.”

Hahn goes onto explain that, “The reason chocolate has upwards of 70% sugar is due to bitterness. Food manufacturers will add sugar to mask the undesirable bitter flavors found in chocolate to the point where it can be detrimental to health.”

Sugar has gone under heavy scrutiny over the past few years, with research indicating its direct role in diabetes and obesity. This is of particular concern with the recent findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which found that toddlers between the ages of 0-2 consume the same amount of sugar as adults. With sugar running rampant in everything from bread to sweets we need innovations from companies like MycoTechnology to help solve the sugar epidemic.

How does it taste?

BBC Tomorroow’s Foods, Dr. Shini Somora

In episode three of Tomorrow’s Food, BBC host, Dr. Shini Somora, did a blind taste test of both the treated and the non-treated cocoa nibs (ground chocolate beans without sugar). First she tasted the unprocessed 100% cacao and found the taste to be almost unpalatable saying, “that is really bitter, it seems like I have just eaten some car tire.” Next, she tried the cacao treated with MycoTechnology’s mushrooms, finding the chocolate to be much more pleasant, “its bitter but its nice, its smooth. This is definitely your chocolate.”

Tomorrow’s Food, Chris Bavin Hits the Streets

Later in the episode, they took to the streets to have passerby’s taste test between the processed chocolate and the every day sugar-laden bar.

BBC Tomorrow’s Foods Mushroom chocolate

BBC Tomorrow’s Foods Mushroom chocolate taste test

Reaction to mushroom chocolate sugar reduction

People were amazed to find out that even with 50% less sugar they were not able to taste a difference between the two bars.

Subscribe and get early access

The chocolate is not available for commercial purchase but MycoTechnology will give subscribers early access to purchase the mushroom chocolate bars before its made available to the general public.

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