Does Plant Based Protein Have What it Takes

does plant based protein cut it

A few months back a customer came to us looking to improve the flavor of a plant based protein (pea). They were looking to make a beverage but were struggling with the flavor profile.

They had been trying to formulate for quite some time but were forced to add excessive amounts of sugar just to make it palatable.

Although we were able to help using ClearTaste™, it got us thinking about the challenges of the plant based protein market.

Alan Hahn and Pete Lubar discuss the challenges with plant based proteins and identify what it will take to gain mass consumer acceptance.
Key Points:

1:57 What the industry is using as their plant based protein of choice.
2:20 How much sugar is needed to cover up the off flavors of plant based protein
3:35 There is a big push to move towards plant based protein.
3:51 How consumers are embracing non-animal protein but not the sugar.
4:27 The challenges with formulating with plant based proteins
5:14 Center plate protein vs. peripheral protein
5:49 Protein portions off the chart

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Opportunities for Innovation in the Protein Industry

Opportunities in the Protein Industry

Here’s the alarming truth about protein industry:

By 2050 we will no longer be able to supply the world with enough protein to sustain life.

With our heavy reliance on animal based protein and a growing population, protein security will be a major issue.

But there is hope:

Alan Hahn and Pete Lubar of MycoTechnology discuss the harsh reality of the protein industry and what needs to be done to ensure that we are able to feed the world.